• Fried shrimp
  • Fried catfish, fries, slaw, whitebeans, hush puppies
  • Farmhouse pork fritters

Farmhouse Cleveland

My story

I am Kathy Keller, the owner of the Farmhouse restaurant - in Cleveland, TN. I have worked at the Farmhouse Cleveland since it originally opened in 2004.
I have worked under two different owners, which I enjoyed, and learned a lot about the restaurant business. Since I had no prior restaurant experience, I learned how to cook in quantity and kitchen management, I waited tables and worked with many customers. Four years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase the restaurant- I wanted my restaurant to be a comfortable, southern home experience where customers could get a 'home-cooked meal". I also wanted it to be a community, gathering place where people could feel connected to our " family atmosphere ", and could come as they are. A place where people can gather, socialize with others, and enjoy and appreciate us for what we do and stand for. Also, our employees are more than an employee- they are part of the growth of the restaurant, they are like family.

I want the Cleveland community to feel like the farmhouse does its part in giving back to the community.
When I purchased the restaurant, I had only the experience I had learned over the years of working here. I continue to learn things daily, which makes me a better person, and business owner. I love talking with customers and getting to know them and their families. I appreciate the input and the care our customers bring to us.
If something is salty, or a little overcooked - our customers care enough about us to let us know, so we can make the meal experience better for their next visit - that's the relationship I want with my customers.
The first 3 years, as a business owner are the most challenging and hardest - learning and figuring out things. This past year - 2020 - with the pandemic/covid 19. It has been a challenging time for us, but our customers have supported us during curbside and the 50% capacity inside dining.